Derx Brax Band featured on Local Love Fest 2017!


Derx Brax Band has been asked to join the Local Love Fest 2017 compilation this year!  We have elected to do a song by our older brother band The Skintones – Don’t Do It.  This heavy beast of rock was a fun track to record, and we are pretty happy with how it turned out.  The show is Friday, 3/31/2017 at the Frequency for 7$ which includes the CD.  Hope to see everyone out and about, and we will hopefully have the recording up online shortly. -Derx Brax

Welcome to Derx Brax Band

First show with the new lineup live at the Crystal Corner in Madison!

Riley joins Derx Brax Band for the first show with the new lineup. Live at the Crystal Corner in Madison, WI.  12-10-16

Lots of news in the world of Derx Brax Band!  We have recently added a new drummer Riley to the group, and a big push in the right direction for the band has begun.  We are currently moved into a new studio and currently tracking our new album!  Recording details to follow soon, as long as a look at the new group lineup.  Stay tuned for further updates! -Derx Brax